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GPTC Libraries: Request a Laptop

A Note About Laptops: Please Read!

Our laptops are meant to be a temporary solution until you can find your own permanent computing solution.. You cannot depend on one being available all the time, and you cannot assume you will have one for the entire semester. 

Borrowing Laptops at GPTC

In order to borrow a laptop you must:

Be a currently enrolled GPTC student in degree, diploma, or certificate courses.

Present a current student ID card  at the time of each checkout.

Not have any overdue fines.

Read and sign a Laptop Checkout and Renewal Request form to request a laptop.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the above rules.



Laptops are available at the DeKalb and Newton campuses. Students from any campus may check out a laptop at these locations.

Laptops are loaned by reservation only. To reserve a laptop, use the Laptop Request Form, located to the right on this page.

Laptops are checked out to currently enrolled students only.

Laptops are for GPTC-related work only.

The checkout period is two weeks with no grace period. If checked out less than two weeks before the end of the semester, the laptop will be due on the last day of finals. 

A laptop may be  renewed ONCE if there is no waitlist. If there is a waitlist, the student must return the laptop by the due date and be added to the waitlist. An overdue laptop cannot be renewed. 

Overdue fines accrue at a rate of $25.00 per day starting on the first day overdue.

If a laptop is not returned within one week, full replacement costs (including replacement of carrying case and power cables) will be charged and the laptop will be considered lost and reported to the Dean of Students.

The student to whom the laptop is checked out is responsible for all damage to the laptop no matter who did the actual damage. Do not lend your laptop to anyone!

Fees for damaged laptops will be determined by GPTC and may total up to and including the full replacement costs.

Laptops are not checked out between semesters.

To avoid damage, DO NOT return laptops in book returns.

All saved documents, pictures, etc. will be deleted upon return. Save your work on a USB drive before returning the laptop.

GPTC laptops must not be used for any illegal purpose.

Laptops reservations are made on a first- apply, first- served basis.If no laptops are available at the time of the reservation, the student will be placed on a waiting list. 

Please do not smoke around the laptop or case! Laptops that are returned with a smoke odor may pose a health hazard to other students and the staff who maintain the laptops.

For other policies and procedures, please see the laptop reservation form, available on the library home page. 

About Our Laptops

The Libraries and the Office of Information Technology are pleased to provide laptops for students to use for their GPTC coursework off-campus.  Laptops are equipped with power cables and carrying cases for your convenience. Our laptops are capable of connecting to wireless internet (Wi-Fi)  systems that are available in several places in our community such as the GPTC campus, public libraries, and many fast-food establishments (McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, etc.).

Be aware that the laptops are not equipped with a wireless data plan such as those on many smart phones, and will not connect to the internet unless you are using it in a place that provides Wi-Fi.

Request a Laptop

Need Help with Your Laptop?

Tech Support is a FREE service that provides tech support for all of the Library laptops. 

If you experience a problem with your laptop, contact Tech Support at or 404-297-9522, ext. 5299.

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