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GPTC Libraries: Group Study Room

Group Study Room

The DeKalb (Clarkston) Campus Library maintains a  private room for study groups of  2-8 people. Individuals may use the room (no reservation allowed) for up to a half hour with priority given to groups. Groups must book the room in advance by contacting the Library at 404-297-9522, ext. 1850 or inquiring at the Circulation Desk.

Please read the rules below BEFORE requesting a room. By checking into the room, you agree to follow all the rules and leave the room if you are found in violation. 


Group Study Room Policies

Effective June 2024

General Purpose

  1. The GPTC Library recognizes that students need comfortable and quiet spaces to study in groups and is pleased to provide a group study room at the DeKalb Campus Library for that purpose.
  2. The GPTC Library is committed to providing equitable access to the group study room for all GPTC students.
  3. The Group Study Room in the GPTC Library is for GPTC school-related purposes only. Only GPTC students are allowed to use the room. A faculty member may be present to assist students. The room is not to be used for paid tutoring or faculty/staff meetings.  
  4. Students studying in groups of two or more, or recognized student organizations take priority for use of the room. Faculty and staff are asked to find other places to meet.


  1. The room  may be reserved by contacting the DeKalb Campus Library at (404) 297-9522, ext. 1850 or inquiring at the Circulation Desk.
  2. Individuals may use the room for a maximum of 1/2 hour, only if no group needs the room. Use by individuals is on the basis of availability. Individuals cannot reserve the room in advance. Groups take priority. If an individual stays more than a half hour, and  a group needs the room, the individual will be asked to vacate the room. 
  3. Upon arrival, groups and individuals must announce their arrival at the Circulation Desk and complete the sign-in form by scanning the QR code on the study room door. Only one student per group needs to complete the sign-in form. 
  4. Student reservations may be cancelled by Library staff at any time for any reason.
  5. To use a room, ALL students in the group must present their GPTC student ID OR government issued ID + current class schedule to the circulation desk attendant. To expedite the process, we recommend that all students have a GPTC student ID card.
  6. Reservations are for no more than two hours. A group cannot make back-to-back reservations. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a second member of the same group be allowed to reserve the room for the same group after the reservation has ended to extend the group’s time.  A group may make no more than one reservation per day.
  7. Library staff may enter the room unannounced at any time for any reason.
  8. Student groups will only be allowed to enter the room when at least two members of the group are present.
  9. The Group Study Room has a minimum capacity of two people and a maximum capacity of eight people. The maximum capacity shall not be exceeded. Groups that exceed the maximum capacity of the rooms must meet elsewhere on campus.
  10. Reservations will be cancelled if at least two group members are not present fifteen minutes after the reservation time begins. 
  11. Under Georgia law, (State Bill 359), there is no liability for an injury or death of an individual entering these premises [GPTC campuses and facilities] if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of contracting COVID-19. You are assuming this risk by entering GPTC’s premises.

Student Conduct in Rooms

  1. The room is  for GPTC-related study only and may be used for no other purpose.
  2. The room is equipped with sufficient furnishings to accommodate the maximum number of students. Additional furnishings are not to be placed in the room.
  3. Furnishings are not to be removed from  the room.
  4. If at any point during a group’s reserved time, the occupancy of the room falls below two GPTC students, the reservation will be forfeited. If the room is completely vacated, all personal belongings will be removed by Library staff and placed on a table in the public area.
  5. Food (including candy) is not allowed in the study rooms. Students should finish consuming food before entering the Library. Drinks are allowed in secure, spill-resistant containers  If a spill occurs, the students are required to clean it. Please ask at the circulation desk for cleaning products. Staff will check the room for unauthorized food and drink regularly. 
  6. Students must work quietly and courteously while in the group study room. Noisy groups will be required to leave and forfeit their reservation.
  7. Nothing is to be posted inside or outside the room. The windows are not to be covered.
  8. The room lock is not to be blocked or altered in any way. 
  9. Upon leaving the room students are to clean up after themselves and leave the room as they found it. Groups who leave a mess may be prohibited from using the rooms in the future.
  10. Students engaging in lewd or disrespectful conduct will be required to leave immediately and prohibited from using the room in the future.
  11. Students engaging in illegal conduct will be reported to Campus Police and prohibited from using the room in the future.

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