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Criminal Justice Technology: Searching Galileo and Professional Journals

This guide is designed to point students to Library/LRC resources that support their program of study, and to provide links to a broad spectrum of related subject matter that will enhance their course work and help to make informed career choices.

Searching for Articles in Galileo

To find articles in Galileo,use Galileo discover with any of these search terms: 

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Administration

Criminal Justice Technology


Juvenile Justice


Probation and Parole 

Police Officers


Note that after you retrieve the initial set of "hits" from your search, which might include literally thousands of titles,  the Refine Results column on the left side of the screen contains several methods of further refining what you're looking for in order to reduce the number of articles to a more relevant and manageable result list. 

  • Full text (not just a summary)
  • Date of publication (if using only current sources is important)
  • Type of publication (check the boxes next to magazines and trade publications)

Specialized Databases

The Galileo databases listed below specialize in information for Criminal Justice Technology students.

Criminal Justice Database

 A comprehensive database supporting research on crime, its causes and impacts, legal and social implications, as well as litigation and crime trends. The database bridges theory with practice by providing information geared to those interested in careers in criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections, drug enforcement, rehabilitation, family law, and industrial security; as well as scholars and other researchers who study the causes, trends, and societal impacts of crime.

Legal Source

An authoritative source for information on current issues, studies, thoughts, and trends of the legal world. Legal Collection offers full text for more than 250 law journals. This database provides information centered on the discipline of law and legal topics, such as criminal justice, international law, federal law, organized crime, medical, labor & human resource law, ethics, the environment, and much more.

Professional Journals

These professional journals related to criminal justice, can be read online.

American Jails

A journal with the distinction of being the only magazine geared solely to jail issues with articles covering both the American and foreign jail scenes.

American Journal of Criminal Justice
A peer-reviewed publication offering research on a wide array of criminal justice topics and issues. Coverage includes the formal and informal interplay between system components, innovative practices, policy development and implementation, and much more. The official journal of the Southern Criminal Justice Association (SCJA).

American Journal of Criminal Law
This journal promotes & encourages improvement in the administration of criminal justice.

Corrections Today
The professional membership publication of the American Correctional Association (ACA). Its international readership includes individuals involved in every sector of the corrections and criminal justice fields.

Crime, Law, & Social Change
Crime, Law and Social Change is a peer reviewed journal that publishes essays and reviews addressing the political economy of organized crime whether at the transnational, national, regional or local levels anywhere in the world. In addition, the Journal presents work on financial crime, political corruption, environmental crime, and the expropriation of resources from developing nations.

Criminal Justice Ethics

Publishes international research on criminal justice, including sentencing, criminalization, prosecutorial discretion and police practices.

FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

Articles provide insight on a variety of topics of interest to the law enforcement community and serve as a source of training and information sharing.

Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology
Original articles, peer-reviewed, research articles, practitioner essays, comment and reviews on all aspects of criminal law and criminology.

Law Enforcement Technology

Written with the law enforcement manager in mind and concentrates on emerging trends and technological advances being made in the field of law enforcement as well as focuses on companies that provide leading product categories such as computers & software, uniforms & body armor, communications, vehicles, weaponry, forensics, training, tactical equipment and video imaging products.


A leading policy and practice publication aimed at connecting law enforcement leaders, police researchers, analysts and policy makers, this peer-reviewed journal contains critical analysis and commentary on a wide range of topics including current law enforcement policies, police reform, political and legal developments, training and education, patrol and investigative operations, accountability, comparative police practices, and human and civil rights. 

Police Practice & Research

 Presents current and innovative police research with a focus on informing policing policy, programs and/or practice around the globe.

Trends in Organized Crime

A composite of analyses and syntheses of research on organized crime, drawn from a variety of sources. It publishes peer-reviewed, original research articles and excerpts from significant governmental reports. The contents also include reviews of important new books and presents analysis and commentary on current issues in organized crime.



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