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Building Automation Systems: Library Resources

This guide deals with the logic, installation, and design of systems that automate the climate and air quality of homes and commercial buildings.

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          Primo is the LRC's catalog of learning resources available for student use. 

Enter your search terms in the box above and you will be taken to Primo which will give you a list of titles about your topic.  On the far left side is a column that limits or narrows down your choice of books. Narrow your search to books available in the library if you want to borrow items, or books and full text online if you want to read items online. You can also limit the publication date range to get the most current information.

Under each item there are three tabs: Get It (shows you if it’s available) and  Details (gives you the particulars like publisher, copyright, etc.) and Virtual Browse (shows you a virtual array of books that are about your topic or closely related to your topic).  

All of these links can help you find just the resource you’re looking for. If you have questions or need additional help, don’t hesitate to ask a librarian.

To get a description of the book, place the cursor over the book cover.


Books You Can Borrow

E-books You Can Read Online

Galileo (Trade Publications, Academic Journals, Magazines, Industry Reports, and Product Evaluations.)

Galileo logo


Using the search terms "building automation systems" in Galileo.

Note that after you retrieve the initial set of "hits" from your search, which might include literally thousands of titles, the smaller column on the left side of the screen contains several methods of further refining want you're looking for in terms of

  • Full text (not just a summary)
  • Date of publication (if using only current sources is important)
  • Type of publication (check the box next to magazines and compare those results to ones you get when you put a check in the scholarly journals box.)

Industry-specific journals available in full text and full archive.

 Front page picture of Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News  Air conditioning, heating & refrigeration news.

Front page photo of Engineering Systems journalEngineered systems

Front page photo of Heating/piping/air conditioning engineering : HPACHeating/piping/air conditioning engineering : HPAC

Wherever you are searching for information, the list below provides other search terms that can be used to research the many facets of Building Automation Systems:, whether you're searching  Galileo, the Web (such as an online bookstore) or other libraries.

  • Building Control System
  • Building Management System
  •  Control System
  • Direct Digital Control
  • Energy Management System
  • Energy Management and Control System
  • Smart (Intelligent) Building

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