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MLA & APA Citation Guides: APA Citation Examples

We’ve designed this guide to explain: • What citations are • How you use them in your written assignments • Why it’s important to use them • How they are formatted

MLA Citation Examples by Type of Resource

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Below are two charts containing APA citations formatted with hanging indents: one for the printed kind (as in a book which you check out in the library), and the other for the electronic kind (as in what you usually "check out" via the Web/internet).  If you don't see an example that suits your source, ask a librarian for help.

At the bottom of this page, there are three links to handouts for you to download/print: 

  • First is a PDF handout of the citation examples displayed below  
  • Second is a PDF that reviews the steps for setting up a hanging indent to help you format your References page
  • Third is a Word document that is preformatted in APA style that you can use as the basis of your own research papers

APA Citations Examples

APA7 - Citations in Brief

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