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Motorcycle Service Technology: Print and Database Resources

Moment and Momentum - Motorcyle Racing

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Books and Publications Owned by library

  Below is a group of books that can be borrowed from the  library. To find other books on motorcycles, search in Primo,the library  catalog,in the box above using the search term motorcycle. Notice the results also  include the subtopics: Maintenance and Repair,  Harley-Davidson ,and History (of the motorcycle) .


Galileo (Trade Publications, Academic Journals, Magazines, Industry Reports, and Product Evaluations.)

Galileo logo and link


Using Galileo discover with search term “motorcycle repair " brings up literally thousands of hits. 

Note that after you retrieve the initial set of "hits" from your search, which might include literally thousands of titles, the smaller column on the left side of the screen contains several methods of further refining what you're looking for in terms of

  • Full text (not just a summary)
  • Date of publication (if using only current sources is important)
  • Type of publication (check the box next to magazines and compare those results to ones you get when you put a check in the scholarly journals box.)


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